Thursday July 12, 2018


4 Rounds For Time:

24 Sit Ups
12 Strict Press  95/65
3 Rope Climbs

Rx + = GHD Sit Ups, 115/75 & Legless Rope Climbs.

Cap = 16 minutes

There will be a heavy emphasis on the strict press component of the workout. A strict press is very black and white, if your knees bend, it is then a push press, there is no in between.  Modify this movement accordingly to allow yourself to move through without having to perform singles on the strict press.

Note* The Rx+ option is EXTREMELY difficult today. The volume of GHD's is high. Beginner and intermediate athletes should avoid the GHD today, or if accustomed to this movement, but not for that many reps, perform the first round on the GHD before making your way to the abmat for the rest of the workout.

Note* In order for a workout to be considered Rx + it needs to be completed in its entirety as such. So 3 rounds Rx + and one round Rx is not considered Rx+.