Monday June 11, 2018


Power Snatch (7 x 2 @ 65%+)

We will run EMOM style, 7 minutes total, 2 reps on the minute. If you plan to ascend have your weights next to your bar. All bars must have clips
on them prior to lifting.

Post heaviest successful 2, TnG or quick singles are both acceptable


7 Hang Power Snatch  95/65
7 Pull Up

Rx+ 135/95 & Chest to Bar

Just a reminder, as far as Rx+ option workouts go, just because you CAN do the Rx+ weight or the more advanced option such as Chest to bars in this case, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

If your regular pull ups aren’t all that proficient, then don’t immediately opt for the more difficult version. Same goes for the weights, we’re all here to be healthier and fit.

All of the coaches would much rather see someone use a lighter weight and make it look perfect, opposed to a heavier weight that looks sloppy.

Focus on building a rock solid base and let progress build over time. Your future self will thank you