Wednesday May 23, 2018

METCON - No Measure

Gymnastics - Week 7

This week we are going through full range of motion, no static holds and no specific focus on the eccentric portion.  This week is similar to week 5 with :05 extra seconds of work, allowing us to get in a extra rep or two.

16 minute EMOM
Minute 1: Strict Pull Ups x :25
Minute 2: Strict Handstand Push Ups
Minute 3: Strict Ring Dips
Minute 4: Rest

*Each minute is :25 of work followed by :35 of rest. We should be moving the entire :25.

*Use the same band/box/etc that you used during testing week. We want to make sure we are able to accomplish at least 5 + reps during the interval.  Your reps may naturally decrease towards the end of the emom as we fatigue, and that is ok, but make sure you're using a modification that doesnt allow those reps to drop below 5 in those rounds.

METCON - No Measure

4 Sets - Not For Time:
-12 Single Arm Kettle Bell Front Rack Box Step Up (6L / 6 R)
-10 Dumbell Push Press w/ :02 hold at the top of each rep

Goal is to find a challenging weight for each movement while still focusing on quality movement