Wednesday December 12, 2018


Bench Press (8, 5, 3, 3, 8)

Start out with a tough 8, then slightly increase for the 5, 3,3, and then try to match your original 8 at the end.
Post heaviest 3, and log your sets of 8 in the comment section


Death By:

3 DB Hang Squat Clean. 50/35
3 Pull Up
4 DB Hang Squat Clean
4 Pull Up
5 DB Hang Squat Clean
5 Pull Up
6 DB Hang Squat Clean
6 Pull Up

This workout will have 2 dumbbells. DO NOT DROP THE DUMBELLS.
We will start out at 3 reps of each movement and perform BOTH movements within that first minute. Rest the remainder of the minute and then increase each movement by 1 rep. This workout will cap out at 15 minutes. If you fail to complete the required work within your minute, you will rest the entirety of the next minute, and then resume work but back to the beginning of 3/3