Tuesday October 23, 2018


High-Hang Clean (7 sets of 3 reps across  60-65%)

Week 1 or our new Strength Cycle.

We will work from the high hang. Feel free to power if you’d like, but squat if possible/form and mobility permits.

New set every :90.

Stay within your percentages. This is only week 1, you will have plenty of time to prove to everyone how strong you are in the coming weeks.

METCON (No Measure)

Strongman/Core EMOM 8
Minute 1: 100’ Farmer + Overhead Carry each side.
Minute 2: Sandbag Clean x 2 + Sandbag Bear Hug Squat x 2
Minute 3: Ring Plank Hold x :30
Minute 4: Hanging L Sit Hold x :30

You choose your weights. Challenge yourself but keep it manageable