Wednesday July 26, 2017


EMOM x 20
Min 1: Farmer Carry x 150'
Min 2: Hip Extension x 8-12
Min 3: KB R.D.L. x 8/side
Min 4: Push Ups x 8-12
Min 5: Rest

Make this a comfortable level of difficulty, we want time under tension for the farmer carries, quality movement for our hip extensions, slow and controlled reps for the KB RDL's and good movement on push ups. If you're proficient in the Push Up the slow your reps down and add more of an eccentric (negative) portion to each rep.

This is an active recovery/accessory day. We have had 2 very strenuou days and workouts like this are designed for our overall health and longevity. Do not skip these sessions as they are very valuable for overall improvement across varying domains.
Post Farmer Carry and KB RDL weight, not for comparison to others, but for reference in future workouts.