Tuesday December 19, 2017


On a 20 minute running clock:

5 Burpee Ring Muscle Up
10 Deadlift 185/125

-rest 5 minutes-

6 minutes to establish today's heavy Power Clean

The scale for burpee ring muscle ups are as follows:
burpee bar muscle up
burpee chest to bar pull up
burpee pull up
burpee box /paralette dip
*we will not be performing ring rows today.

This workout will run on a 20 minute clock. After the 9 min AMRAP, you will have 5 minutes to "recover" and add additonal weight to your workout area. 
When the clock hits 14 minutes, you may begin power cleaning. The goal is to build to today's heavy single while not in an optimal state. 
Log your power clean weight under the next section.

Today's Heavy Single