Monday December 18, 2017


Snatch 10min EMOM ascending

The first 5 minutes we will be working doubles. 
The next 5 minutes we will be working singles.
If you are comfortable squat snatching, that would be ideal, however, do not hesitate to power snatch if you are still learning the snatch, as that allows for better movement progression over time.
Aim to use the first 5 minutes to set you up around 75% going into the 2nd half of the EMOM.
Ideally we want no misses as this is more of a technical/moderate session. If you are pushing for a PR you are going too heavy, if it happens naturally, that's one thing, but do not over reach today. Post the 5 minutes of singles to Wodify.


10 Power Snatch  75/55
8 Overhead Squat
6 Box Jump  24/20"

This is light and fast, but do not compromise movement quality. Also, do not drop bars from overhead.