Monday August 13, 2018



Back Squat (3 x 10 @ 10/5 lbs heavier than last week)

Week 2 of our Back Squat cycle. Last week we established a baseline of sorts with our 3 x 10. Today we should add 10lbs for men and 5lbs for women to last weeks weights. Ideally, we will maintain this progression as we move through the cycle. All 3 sets should be the same weight.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP x 5 Min
7 Bar Facing Burpee
7 Thrusters      95/65

RX+ 115/80

This will feel like a long 5 minutes.  Our goal should be to maintain a steady intensity throughout, with a strong finish

Wednesday August 8, 2018


Deadlift (Week 1: x 3 sets @ 75%)

This deadlift cycle will have a strong emphasis on performing single lifts off the ground. We want a good set up, locked in core, then a quality pull AND lower back to the ground. Rest 3-4 seconds between each rep and about 2 minutes between sets. So week 1 will feature 15 QUALITY single reps of both up and down on the lift. Today may seem a bit "easy" at first, but we're simply acclimating ourselves to the volume, we will increase each week. Keep all sets the same across today.

Metcon (Weight)

Core EMOM 8
Minute 1:  15 Sit Ups (Abmat or GHD)
Minute 2:  :40 Superman Hold
Minute 3:  Turkish Get Up x 2  (1/1)
Minute 4:  L Sit Hang x :20

The Turkish Get Up should be challenging.
Modify L Sit to a bent knee L Hang

Monday August 6, 2018


Back Squat (3 x 10 @ 65%)

Expect a 3 x 10 rep scheme each week of this cycle.  The weight stats the same for all 3 sets. Every week there will be a slight ascension in weight, as our bodies adapt and get stronger. A good rest marker is about 2:30-3:00 between sets. That's 30 quality squats each Monday, so please take the time to take care of yourself, a little extra mobility, quality food intake, sleep, etc each day will go a long way towards making the most of this cycle.
We tested this earlier this year and found it to be very beneficial.  So lets get to work and get STRONG!

*Note, we're skipping the normal testing week, as the vast majority of us know, or have an idea as to our max. If you don't know it, the coach on the floor will suggest a good starting weight for this week. The good news is, we will have plenty of time to adjust up or down as necessary if week 1 is too easy or too hard.


15 Wall Ball  20/14
15 Toe to Bar

Rx+ = 30/20

Tuesday July 31, 2018

METCON (Calories)

Triple 8's

Aerobic Work
:40 moderate + :20 "tough" on each of the 3 machines:

8 Minute Row
  -rest 1 minute-
8 Minute Ski
  -rest 1 minute-
8 Minute Bike

Our goal is to stay at a consistent pace throughout each portion. Keep the first :40 nice and smooth and pick up the pace on the next :20. The coach on the floor will tell you when. You have the option to control how hard you go here, remember, we want to be consistent across each machine

Monday July 30, 2018


12 DB Z Press
:30 Wall Sit
8 Strict Pull Up
:30 L Sit Knee Tuck Hold
rest :60

Ascend the Z Press slightly if needed after moderate first set. Aim for UB on the wall sit.
As far as the pull ups, bands are acceptable today as long as the strict stimulus is maintained.
Accumulate the :30 L hold in chunks if necessary, but make sure you achieve all :30 hanging in total

Saturday July 28, 2018


AMRAP 24 - Teams of 3

This 3 person team workout is all about TEAMWORK. Each team will have a WallBall and a Kettlebell with them at all times.

The catch is neither object can touch the ground at any time during the workout. If either piece of equipment touches the ground all 3 teammates will have to complete 10 burpees each before continuing.

RX weights for the objects are 20/14 & 53/35
RX+ weights are 30/20 & 70/53 + strict HSPU

Run 400m (all 3)
80/65 Calorie Row
60 Power Snatch 135/95
40 Push Up

Tuesday July 24, 2018


Push Press (Building to a tough double.)

15 minutes.
In no less than 10 sets, find today’s heavy double


3 Rounds For Time
20/15 Calorie Bike
10 Front Squat  135/95

Cap = 8 minutes

We will have to run heats for most of the classes today. We’re going to partner up in a sense, if you are in heat 1, somebody in heat 2 will count for you, if you are in heat 2, heat 1 will count for you

Monday July 23, 2018


Back Squat (5 x 3 @ 70%)

Today we’re going to build to our 70% and stay there across all 5 sets. We’re starting a new strength cycle in August so this is just some moderate squatting volume, don’t go too crazy today.  Run a new set every 2 minutes


7 Deadlift  155/105
40 Double Under

This is a light(er) couplet focused on moderate volume pulling and quick jump roping. Conditioning of 7 minutes of consistent movement is the stimulus we’re after. Select weight accordingly

7 Deadlift  155/105
40 Double Under

This is a light(er) couplet focused on moderate volume pulling and quick jump roping. Conditioning of 7 minutes of consistent movement is the stimulus we’re after. Select weight accordingly

Friday July 20, 2018


For Time:

10 Clean & Jerk 185/125
20 Calorie Ski
20 Calorie Ski
10 Clean & Jerk 185/125

Rx + = 225/145

This workout is designed to feature a heavy clean and jerk. Keep that in mind in order to maintain the correct stimulus.

Any form of HSPU is allowed, however, keep in mind that if we do not have strict HSPU, we will forever we challenged by the kipping variation. Use this WOD to practice some of the modifications we will go over in warm up.

Cap = 14 minutes