Let's get down to business...

It’s hard to believe that Summer has flown by so fast.  In just a few months, we’ve been to Regionals, the Games and opened our new Largo location.  Over the summer, the membership at Tampa has exploded and we have all of you to thank for that.  The fact that you are all so welcoming and encouraging makes CrossFit Westchase – at least we think so – the best gym in the area.  We also have the best coaching staff.  We want to take the time to publicly thank them for taking on extra hours to help cover the gym while Sue and Guy were in Madison and while we were getting Largo ready to open.  Last, and by no means least, we also want to thank all the volunteers who helped us get Largo up and running.  Whether it was setting up computers, putting together jump boxes, the rig or laying floor, we never could have done it without you!  Thank You!  Now, down to business:

First, school is back in session and Fall is right around the corner.  Next on the list is flu season.  With that in mind it’s even more important that we get into the habit of wiping off equipment when we are done using it.  There is going to be some sharing of DNA, we get it; however, nobody wants to grab a soaking wet sweaty wallball or a bloody pull-up bar.  Both gyms have paper towels and spray bottles containing an environmentally friendly cleaning formula in two locations – by the wallballs and by the foam rollers – to assist with cleaning up.  If a piece of equipment looks wet, wipe it off before you put it away.  If your hands are bloody, please double check the oly bar, pull-up bar and all other equipment you used to make sure all blood has been cleaned up.  We appreciate your diligence in this matter.

Second, everybody is getting much better at signing into Wodify for weekday classes.  Thank you!  This is really helpful to us as gym owners to not only track attendance, but to track athlete progress and how our programming is helping you improve.  The two instances where Wodify sign-in needs to get better is for Saturday classes and open gym.  We know Saturday mornings at Tampa can get a little crazy, but please don’t forget to sign in.  As for open gym, we understand that you may be doing something different than the class programming and don’t need to record your score; however, we still need to track attendance in order to set the appropriate hours.

Third, and for Tampa folks only, please do not use the bars on the gun rack in the front of the gym. These are personal bars and to be used by their owners only.  The general gym bars are all in the back. They are located on either the gun rack by the back door or in the vertical stands under the muscle up rig.  If you are not sure of the correct bars to use, please ask a coach before taking.  Thanks.

Finally, our community at CrossFit Westchase is great because of all of you.  If there is something that you think we can improve or something you would like us to address in a future blog, please let us know. 

Thank you for being such an awesome, hard-working and encouraging group!  

Aaron, Guy and Sue