Why Do I Have to Log into Wodify?

Why Do I Have to Log into Wodify?

This next ‘Why’ blog is ‘Why do I have to log into Wodify?’  We’ve heard all the excuses:  I remember my lifts from last week, I don’t like to compete, I forgot, etc.  Well, how about this, Wodify isn’t just for you, we use Wodify for several different things. So, here’s why:

First, it helps us take attendance.  Hopefully, you’ve noticed that we have at least two coaches in our busiest classes.  We do this because we try to keep the athlete to coach ratio at or below 10:1.  Sometimes, like with the evening 5 and 6 classes it’s obvious that multiple coaches are needed; however, as we grow, we find more and more classes having over 10 people.  It’s hard to keep track of when we need to add a coach without a ‘paper trail’.  Let’s take one Thursday as an example, I know there were 12 people in the class, if I look in Wodify, there are only 3 people signed up (and only 1 of them reported a score).  At the end of the month, we’re probably not going to remember that we had too many people per coach in that one class.  Wodify tracks all of this for us so we can determine if this is happening every week or if this is a one-time anomaly.  

Second, it helps us track how the gym programming is working for our members.  We have benchmarks that we test every quarter or so.  These are not just 1 RM lifts, they include metcons, skills and cardio.  Now that we’ve been in Wodify for a while, we can start to analyze on a gym basis how ‘fitter’ our athletes are getting.  We can also see if our cycles are doing what we want.  As you know, we are almost done with thisstrength cycle.  If everybody has been using Wodify to track their progress we’ll get some great feedback on how the strength cycle worked.  And, maybe more importantly, we’ll test some of those other benchmarks to see if our athletes, while building strength, are also improving their gymnastics and/or their cardio.  Similarly, when we have a gymnastics cycle, does it translate to increased strength and faster metcons? The bottom line is pleaseenter your scores so we can see if we are improving on a gym-wide basis.

Third, it helps you keep track of your workouts and will calculate your percentages so you don’t have to whip out your phone while squatting.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked somebody what’s your 1 RM and they don’t know.  (New people this is OK if you haven’t done it yet.)  Or, how many times somebody asks me what weight they should use this week.  My answer during a strength cycle is generally what did you use last week? And I get crickets.  If you entered it in Wodify, its easy peasy to look it up.  As I said earlier, Wodify calculates your percentages.  If you don’t know how to find this, ask a coach.  

Fourth, for the ‘I don’t like to compete’ people.  Just don’t look at the whiteboard.  If you don’t look, then you’ll never know how you do or feel you are competing.  Although from another perspective, there is probably somebody who looks up to you and uses you as motivation.  Please don’t deprive them of the chance to chase you down.  

Ultimately, we want you to get in the habit of using Wodify.  As we continue to grow there eventually may come a time when you will have to sign up for classes in advance.  The sooner you start using it the easier it will be if that time comes. Thanks!