What Now?

As everyone is aware, we just finished a roughly 13-week strength cycle consisting of the deadlift and back squat. Many of our athletes saw the cycle through from start to finish and hit a new PR at the end. For those that didn't, don't fret over it. The more training experience you have the less frequent you will see PR's. Plus, there are so many other factors that go into our efforts in the gym. The food you fuel yourself with, your stress levels, duration and quality of sleep, etc. All these factors can play into what happens in the gym on a single given day. On another positive note, research and studies have proven that lifting weights, especially multi joint compound exercises such as deadlifting and back squatting, can increase bone density among a plethora of other awesome effects on our bodies. So, if you were a little down, don't be, because you did your body good in the process. 

So....what now?  For the next 4 weeks, we are running a strictly GPP (General Physical Preparedness) cycle. There will be no singular focus or a bias towards one thing or another. The programming will be well rounded and much less predictable. Stages such as this, allow our bodies to recover a bit from the stressors of a strength bias period. Our ultimate goal is to prepare ourselves and our athletes for a long, healthy, fitness filled life. So, enjoy the process and look forward to another strength cycle in mid-August.