The First "Why?" Blog

From time to time, we get "Why?" questions, so in this blog we are going to answer some of the "Why?" questions about the programmed warm-up.

We workout in Florida, why do we have to warm-up?  I’m already sweating.

The warm-up is more than just getting your sweat on.  Our goal with each warm-up is to prime your body for the upcoming workout.  You wouldn’t load the bar with your 1 RM deadlift for your first deadlift of the day, you’d work up to that.  It’s the same thing with our warm-up, we do not want you to go into the day’s strength or metcon cold and un-mobilized.

Our warm-ups include movements that will help with the workout’s ranges of motion and some cardio aspect that gets your heart pumping (and yes, hopefully helps you get a little sweat on).  For instance, if we are squatting for strength, and have Helen (running, KB swings and pullups) as the metcon, our warm-up would include hip mobility for squatting, some cardio aspect, and then also some movements to get the back ready for KB swings and the arms for the pullups.  So, for example the warm-up could be 3 rounds of 200m run, 10 KB sumo dead lift high pulls (SDLHP) and 10 ring rows and then 2 minutes of squat therapy.

Why is the warm-up so boring, can’t we just play dodge ball? Well....sometimes we can.

So as far as the above described warm-up, is it sexy?  No.

Is it boring?  You may say yes, but we beg to differ.

It hits all of our goals for the warm-up.  With respect to the 3 rounds, running gets our heart rates elevated, the SDLHP primes our backs and gets the hips moving for Helen’s KB swings and the ring rows get us ready to pull our body weight for the pull-ups. And last, the squat therapy helps us get ready to get under that squat bar with a nice smooth full range of motion.  If we played dodge ball we’d get the heart rate elevated but it’s not going to get your hips mobilized or your back and arms ready for Helen.

Why do we have to do mountain climbers?

Great question, the person writing this hates mountain climbers and wants to know too!

Ha ha seriously, there are always movements you hate or don’t want to do but they all serve a purpose.  Mountain climbers are a great dynamic hip mobility movement.  We don’t want to be doing a lot of static stretching prior to working out.  We want the muscles loose, but not stretched out.

Dynamic stretches prior to a workout increase our mobility/range of motion without affecting our power out put. Static stretches also can increase our mobility/range of motion, but sometimes this can decrease our desired power out put, so static stretches are generally better suited for after the workout.

Take pigeon stretch for example, although a great stretch for hip mobility, it is not always ideal in the warm-up; however, mountain climbers are a perfect fit. 

Hopefully, this answers some of your questions and gives you a little more perspective on how and why we program the warm-ups as we do.  Our goal is to stay safe and be able to workout a long time, not get hurt because we didn't warm up properly.

Don’t worry, dodge ball, the pizza game and partner wallball warm-ups will and still do show up from time to time!