Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette

Before we even get started, we know and appreciate the fact that most people at CFWC are very courteous and honest.  Most of you already do the right thing and post your scores in Wodify correctly.  So, even though this post is not for you, we’d like everybody to read it anyway . . . just in case.  

With that said, in no particular order:

1. Please wipe off and return equipment after you use it.  This includes the little white boards, slam balls, wall balls, abmats, etc. Wipe it off when you’re done.

2. Don’t cheat reps, 30 wallballs are 30 not 28, not 29, 30.  People around you notice when you don’t do it right.  Don’t be that person!

3. Don’t record your score in Wodify as Rx if you didn’t do it Rx.  This means that if you use the prescribed weight but row instead of run because your toe hurts, you did not Rx.  

4. Turn off the light and fan when you leave the bathroom.  (Although sometimes leaving the fan on maybe the more courteous move . . .)

5. Do not drop empty barbells whatsoever, or let the bar drop when pulling off the weights even if only a few inches from the ground.  Don’t drop barbells if only have one set of 5’s or 10’s on.

6. If you break something, let the coach know.  We promise not to get mad because we get it.  We’re moving heavy things around and shit happens; however it is so annoying to find something mysteriously broken.

7. Don’t start cleaning up your equipment until everybody is done with the workout.  If you finish early, your job is to cheer other people on.  We are a community and we all get better with encouragement.

 "No one is done until every one is done."  

8. Please wear deodorant.

9. If you see somebody you don’t know, introduce yourself, we are each responsible for the energy we create within our gym. 

10. Don’t put you gym bags on the bench and keep your personal gear space to a minimum.

Hopefully none of these are too onerous and we can all enjoy a clean, encouraging environment.

Additional Open News

Have you signed up for the Open yet?  If not, get on that (go to and costs $20 for the entire 5 weeks).  It starts next week when the first of five workouts is announced on February 24th at 8:00pm.  You have until the following Monday at 8:00pm to enter your score.  We’d like all of you to test yourself and get involved in the beginning of the Games season.

Friday Night Lights will again be run every Friday evening during the Open at CFWC.  Due to this, the 3:30, 5:00 and 6:00 PM Friday night classes will be canceled during the Open.  Beginning Monday, there will be a sign-up sheet for roughly 20 people who want to participate in a Friday Night Lights heat.  Heats will start at 3:30 and go until they are done. We do ask if you participate in Friday Night Lights that you volunteer to judge a later heat as you will have a judge for your workout too. (We won’t know exact heat times until each week’s WOD is announced as the workouts could range from anywhere between 7-20 minutes.)

Don’t want to do the WOD in a crowd on Friday night?  No worries, you can do during any class on Friday.  Friday’s WOD will be the Open WOD each week of the Open.  You can still come in Friday night to cheer your gym mates on and maybe have a beer or two. We will have food and an MC for week one, so bring friends and family. 

Note that If you can’t do during an early class time on Friday and need to do on Saturday or Monday, talk to a coach so we can have a judge for you.  Please keep in mind that this is the exception, we would like everybody to do during a class on Friday or at Friday Night Lights.  

We will have a Sign Up on the whiteboards starting Wednesday and it's First Come, First Serve for Friday Night Lights. We hope to accommodate everyone.

Thanks for making this gym what it is!