February 2017 Newsletter

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February Newsletter
Important Updates & Upcoming Events

NEW Saturday Class Times!
CrossFit - 8AM, 9AM & 10AM.
FitKids - 9AM

Every Saturday has and always will be an open invite to bring Friends and Family! If the weekend doesn't work for them, no problem! We offer 2 FREE Trial Classes! They can reserve a time on our website that works with their schedule!

This Sunday we are having a trial run of Open Gym from 8AM - 10AM. No workout will be posted and you are free to workout as you wish. Yoga & Coffee starts at 10:30AM. Please be respectful and make sure you are done working out AND cleaned up by 10:15 at the latest!

You may have seen some coaches working one on one with newer athletes from time to time. These are most likely our Prep Course classes.

Our Prep Course is the first thing New athletes do when they join CFWC.

These are 4 private sessions designed to comfortably integrate them into our traditional program. If you see someone new or in one of these sessions, don't be afraid to offer encouraging words or a high 5 and welcome them aboard! This healthy atmosphere is directly created by each one of us. We are all responsible for the environment we create. Small things such as not cleaning up your equipment and cheering everyone on until they are done is a special thing usually only witnessed in CrossFit Gyms. Please hold off on cleaning up your workout equipment/area until everyone in the class is done. A few encouraging words can go a long way!

We are currently running 2 QuickFit trial classes at 7AM & 9AM Monday through Friday. QuickFit is a great workout minus the barbell or for those who are short on time. These classes run 30-40 minutes. You can find the workouts the night before on Wodify.

We officially have a retail area set up inside the lobby. As of now we offer our own shirts, FitAid recovery drinks, and Ten Performance Health Supplements. More will be on the way soon. If a coach is around ask them how to check yourself out, or watch the video tutorial that will be posted on the community page this week!

The 2017 Open is quickly approaching! We just released our first blog post about it, check that out if you haven't yet and register here. The Open is a great community event and it's only $20 for the 5 weeks.

We will be doing the workouts every Friday for the duration of the Open, it's gonna be a blast!

Friday Night Lights is back! If you were around last year you may remember we held Friday Night Lights for 3 of the 5 Open weeks. This year, were doing it for all 5 weeks! Friday's 5PM and 6PM classes will shift into Friday Night Lights starting February 24th and will run until March 24th. Similar to our competition, we will run heats of people though the Open Workout each night. A sign up list we be posted each week as the number of participants is limited. If you're a morning Wodder or just want to come hang out and watch, mark your calendars because we will have adult beverages, food, MC's, lights, music, and a whole lotta fun for this event!

Our 1st Annual In House Competition is quickly approaching! If you haven't heard of this you most likely live under a rock or go to the 8 AM class.

Regardless, this is a PERFECT beginner level competition and will be a ton of fun! Come celebrate all your hard work! The deadline to register is this Saturday February 4th. It is $40 to compete and all proceeds go back towards gym equipment, plus you get a limited edition t shirt! If you would like the shirt but just want to come hang out, make sure you write your name down and shirt size under the list on the whiteboard by Saturday. Invite your friends family and enemies as this is a great way to showcase your abilities and kick some butt!

We have a large group of couples and families here at CFWC!

You know what they say, "couples who wod together, stay together." Actually, I've never heard anyone say that, but, if you're one of those who can't seem to get your stubborn spouse/significant other in here to join in on the fun with you, then listen up!

Valentines Day Special!
Your spouse/significant other can come try us out for FREE for the remainder of February!

"Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone."

Wodify is a great tool and has allowed us to become more organized both on the floor and in the office. When you arrive at the gym please sign into your class before it starts. We do not require this in advance but you are able to sign in with your phone as well. Please track your workouts each day and log your results after class.
This is an incredible feature that allows you to measure results and see progress over time.

Don't remember your workout time from when we did "Fran" 7 months ago? Me neither, but Wodify does. Take advantage of this awesomeness and input your score each day. Speaking of inputting your score..... it has come to our attention that some people's focus is on the leaderboard and not on their actual performance. If your health and fitness truly matters to yourself, as I'm assuming it does, since you're reading this to begin with, then please complete the workout as prescribed. Taking a couple reps off here and there is not only disrespectful to the class but it is noticed by your fellow athletes and coaches. There are no shortcuts in life, especially in the gym. Please re consider your "why" if you find constantly striving for the top of the leaderboard at all costs. If you feel that you require more help when trying to decide how to scale workouts, then please ask a coach, that's why we are here!

On The 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month we will hold specialty classes/seminars. These will start at 12PM and last for an hour to an hour and a half. Some will be a skill session focusing on individual movements, and some will focus on nutrion. We will soon have a board in the gym with the dates and topics allowing everyone to plan accordingly. Have suggestions or things you would like to focus on? Write them down on the board and we will get to planning!