The 2017 Open

“The Open is coming! The Open is coming!” cried Chicken Little.

“What’s the Open?” asked CrossFit Newbie. 
“Yay, the Open! Can’t wait for Feb 23rd!” exclaimed Connie Competitor. 
“Not me, stresses me out too much.” Whined Nervous Ned.

Who are you?

Do you look forward to the Open every year?Are you counting down the days? Or, are you just confused as to what the fuss is all about? 

Hopefully we can answer some of those questions, relieve some of your fears, and generate some excitement about the biggest CrossFit Community event of the year.

What is the Open?  

The Open is unlike anything of its kind. It is where the grass roots CrossFit Community was built almost a decade ago. It's also the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games each year.  It is comprised of five total workouts done at your own box over five weeks.  The first workout will be announced at 8:00pm our time on Thursday, February 23rd and you have until 8:00pm Monday, February 27 to do and post your score.  The following four weeks work exactly the same.  Your score at the end of the five weeks determines if you make it to the next round (Regionals or On-line Age Qualifier).

Don't stress about that part, because the Open itself is just plain fun! 

I have no chance at qualifying for the next round, so why should I do it?

Over 250,000 people signed up for the Open in 2016 and it’s true, only a few make the next round so let’s focus on the 99% instead of the few.  Just like our gym is a community with many different people bonding over a workout or celebrating a PR, so is everybody doing the Open. You have grandmas in Australia, teenagers in Tennessee and previous Games winners in Iceland all doing the same exact workouts over the exact same weekends.  As part of the Open, you are a member of a huge grassroots community who all want to live healthier lives and have some fun doing it. The Open also has options to modify those workouts for everyone's level, just as we scale workouts during daily classes.

I’m not a competitor, I don’t like to compete.

At CFWC, we’ve heard people say this and we’ve heard/seen the same people work on getting a muscle up or improving their clean.  We’ve seen them celebrate PRs and feel frustration because they can’t do handstand pushups.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but you really do like to compete if only with yourself. The Open is the perfect opportunity to see how you stack up against yourself from year to year to year.  Every year you hear about people getting PRs, their first muscle up or first handstand pushup in an Open workout.  There’s nothing like a group of people cheering you on to help you kick it into another gear.  You don’t have to even look at the leaderboard but you can challenge yourself to be better than you were last year.

How is this going to work at CFWC?

This year you will have two options to get the workout done on Friday.  The first way will be during regular Friday’s class times (except 5pm and 6pm).  The workout for class each Friday will be the previous nights announced Open WOD.  In class we will WOD in pairs.  One person will be the judge, the other person will WOD and then you will switch.  The other option is do the workout at ‘Friday Night Lights’.  If you were here last year you will remember Friday Night Lights and how much fun we had. This year it is back and it's bigger and better! Friday night classes at 5p and 6p will be canceled and instead the WOD will be done in heats with people competing against each other. Judges will be provided for every person in each heat.  Note that you will need to sign up in advance to compete in Friday Night Lights so we can keep things running smoothly. We will follow up this blog with more details of Friday Night Lights soon! This is a huge community gym event so even if you are not doing your Open WOD in a heat, feel free to come in, cheer people on, and celebrate a great workout with a beer or two. 

I want to repeat the WOD because I know I can get a better score.

We don’t want to discourage people from improving; however, we don’t want the Open to disrupt classes on Saturday or Monday.  On any regular day, we don’t say ‘Oh, I did terrible on that WOD, so I’m going to redo it tomorrow’.  Please treat the Open the same way.  Try your best, throw down and give some people some high 5's afterwards!

Hopefully that answers some questions, calms some fears and lights a fire in your soul.  What other event can you say that you did with people all over the world? What other competition can you say that you competed against the best in their sport in the world? I doubt you will ever get the chance to tackle Tom Brady but you will be able to say you competed against Rich, Annie, and Katrin.  Do yourself a favor, sign up for the Open at  Questions?  Talk to any coach! 

Also, check out this awesome video CrossFit HQ released on the Open!